Most Fuel-Efficient Pickups

© multiple automakersEfficient Haulers
American truck buyers look for vehicles that can multitask with ease — from towing trailers to carting kids to soccer practice; from hauling dirt to moving friends to new digs; from negotiating muddy job sites to finding remote campsites — and myriad tasks in between. Traditionally, fuel economy has not been high on a truck shopper’s list, mainly because a fuel-efficient truck wasn’t an option. But as more truckmakers focus on efficiency through weight savings and fuel-efficient engines, Americans have better choices for improved mileage among pickups — and who doesn’t like saving fuel and money whenever possible? Here are the most fuel-efficient pickups by brand available on U.S. roads today, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency fuel-economy ratings.

© Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.10. 2017 Toyota Tundra
MPG: 15 city / 19 hwy / 16 combined
Engine: 4.6-liter V8
Horsepower: 310
Torque: 327 lb-ft
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Starting MSRP: $30,020
Assembled in Texas, the Tundra has a driver-focused interior. Standard features on this full-size Toyota pickup include cruise control, ABS and traction control, electronic brake force distribution, and smart stop technology, as well as electronic stability control. CrewMax versions have a standard power vertical sliding rear window.

© General Motors8. 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (tie)
MPG: 18 city / 24 hwy / 20 combined
Engine: EcoTec3 4.3L V6
Horsepower: 285
Torque: 305 lb-ft
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Starting MSRP: $27,585
The Silverado is the best-selling vehicle in the General Motors lineup, as well as the perennial second-highest-selling vehicle in America. Winner of the prestigious North American Truck of the Year award in 2014, the Silverado 1500 is available in hundreds of configurations with different cab styles, drive systems, engines, bed lengths and trim levels. This broad range of availability helps make the Silverado 1500 a great option for just about any truck buyer.

© General Motors8. 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 (tie)
MPG: 18 city / 24 hwy / 20 combined
Engine: EcoTec3 4.3L V6
Horsepower: 285
Torque: 305 lb-ft
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Starting MSRP: $28,205
With all-new styling for 2016, the GMC Sierra is one of the best-selling trucks in America. Virtual twin to the Chevrolet Silverado, the Sierra features GMC IntelliLink with a new, 7-inch touchscreen display, an available remote-locking tailgate, wireless phone charging and available Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability. The Sierra also has impressive capability — even with the fuel-efficient V6 engine, Sierra can tow up to 7,400 pounds when properly equipped.

© Nissan North America, Inc.7. 2017 Nissan Frontier
MPG: 19 city / 23 hwy / 21 combined
Engine: 2.5-liter 4-cylinder
Horsepower: 152
Torque: 171 lb-ft
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Starting MSRP: $18,390
The Frontier is Nissan’s entry in the midsize pickup truck market, featuring more than 20 configurations. Available as a King Cab or Crew Cab, the Frontier can be had with rear- or 4-wheel drive as well as with long or short truck beds. Frontier can be equipped with a variety of features including a heavy-duty suspension, available off-road-tuned Bilstein high-pressure performance gas shock absorbers, skidplates (PRO-4X grade), and an innovative Utili-track Channel System for easy cargo securing.

© Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.6. 2017 Toyota Tacoma
MPG: 19 city | 24 hwy / 21 combined
Engine: 3.5-liter V6
Horsepower: 278
Torque: 265 lb-ft
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Starting MSRP: $24,120
The Tacoma was all new for the 2016 model year with a more aggressive design, a smoother ride and stellar off-road capability. Tacoma is offered as an Access Cab with rear-hinged doors to access the storage area behind the seat, as well as the 4-door Double Cab. Both cab styles are offered in 4X2 and 4X4. The all-new 3.5-liter V6 engine provides plenty of power and actually achieves better fuel economy than the lesser-powered 4-cylinder option.

© American Honda Motors5. 2017 Honda Ridgeline
MPG: 19 city | 26 hwy / 22 combined
Engine: 3.5-liter i-VTEC V6
Horsepower: 280
Torque: 262 lb-ft
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Starting MSRP: $29,475
Honda introduces an all-new Ridgeline for the 2017 model year that features all-new styling and a number of innovative features while remaining unique in the truck market with its unibody construction. Still equipped with the in-bed storage trunk and dual-action tailgate, Ridgeline is also available with the industry’s first in-bed audio system, making it an excellent option for tailgate parties.

© Ford Motor Company4. 2017 Ford F-150
MPG: 19 city / 26 hwy / 22 combined
Engine: 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6
Horsepower: 325
Torque: 375 lb-ft
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Starting MSRP: $26,730
The Ford F-Series pickup truck has worn the sales crown as best-selling vehicle in America for more than 30 years. Redesigned in 2015, the F-150 features an aluminum alloy body atop a steel frame, which reduces weight by 700 pounds. This — combined with a new 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine — gives the F-150 best-in-class EPA fuel economy ratings for gas-powered light-duty trucks. Standard features of the Ford F-150 include Safety Canopy System curtain overhead airbags, air-conditioning, 18-inch aluminum wheels, cruise control and ABS.

© FCA US3. 2017 RAM 1500*
MPG: 21 city / 29 hwy / 24 combined*
Engine: 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6
Horsepower: 240
Torque: 420 lb-ft
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Starting MSRP: $37,685
The Ram 1500’s 3.0-liter EcoDiesel engine mated with the TorqueFlite 8-speed automatic transmission delivers outstanding fuel economy and towing capability up to 9,210 pounds. Fuel efficiency gets enhanced via stop-start technology, thermal management and active aerodynamics, including grille shutters and air suspension. Standard features of the RAM 1500 include 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, air conditioning, 20-inch aluminum wheels, cruise control, ABS and traction control.
*Note the Ram EcoDiesel engine is currently under emissions investigation by the U.S. EPA.

© General Motors1. 2017 GMC Canyon (tie)
MPG: 22 city / 30 hwy / 25 combined
Engine: 2.8-liter 4-cylinder Duramax turbodiesel
Horsepower: 181
Torque: 369 lb-ft
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Starting MSRP: $37,185
The twin sibling of the Chevrolet Colorado, Canyon features the bold GMC grille and slight variations in packaging. Canyon is available in three configurations: extended cab, crew cab, or crew cab with a long bed. With the tailgate down, the longer bed can handle 8-foot-long items without any overhang. With its impressive capability and easy-to-drive size, Canyon buyers won’t feel the need for a full-size pickup anymore.

© General Motors1. 2017 Chevrolet Colorado (tie)
MPG: 22 city / 30 hwy / 25 combined
Engine: 2.8-liter 4-cylinder Duramax turbodiesel
Horsepower: 181
Torque: 369 lb-ft
Transmission; 6-speed automatic
Starting MSRP: $36,950
The midsize Chevrolet Colorado debuted as a 2015 model offering an alternative to a full-size truck, possessing more heft and capability than a smaller compact. For 2016 Colorado added an optional 2.8-liter Duramax diesel that — in addition to delivering impressive fuel economy — lets the Colorado tow up to 7,700 pounds with 2-wheel drive. But Colorado is more than a work truck; it can be equipped with a large color touchscreen display, a rearview camera, heated front seats and 4G LTE connectivity with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot.


  1. Jeffrey Lawson

    I bought a brand new 2015 Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner 4cyl,The sticker shows 19 city 21 24 hwy. What a joke!!! It gets 14-15city and 17 combined! Ouch!! When bringing it to Toyota they did a Fuel Consumption Test! What a Laugh!!! They came back and told me it was getting 24 mpg combined? Higher than the 21 combined sticker?? What a miracle! Funny they would not do another test with me present and Toyota stands behind them! My previous 2007 Tacoma 4×4 V6 got better mileage than this 4cyl!

    This Sucks!

  2. John Catanzaro

    Who is the lying piece of crap that says the Tundra gets 15 city -19 highway – 16 combined mpg??
    I have yet to see better than 12.4 highway mpg from my 2016 Tundra with the 4.6 engine.
    I wish I still had my 2001 GMC I traded in. The Tundra has more interior rattles now than the 15 year old GMC Sierra did.
    I would not recommend the Toyota Tundra to anyone.


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