Most Fuel-Efficient New Cars

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2017 BMW i3
Starting MSRP: $42,400
MPGe (city/hwy/combined): 137 / 111 / 124 (60 amp-hour battery)
Charge time: 4 hours at 240V
Annual fuel cost: electricity = $550
Driving range: 81 miles
On the market since 2014, the BMW i3 is available as a pure EV with a 60- or 94-amp-hour battery, or as a plug-in gas-electric hybrid. Although the i3 is not the cheapest entry-level EV, it is one of the coolest. Built on an aluminum frame with a carbon fiber body, the i3 has a low center of gravity and quick acceleration; it reaches 60 mph in just over 6 seconds. The 170-horsepower electric motor provides a range of 81 miles with the 60 amp-hour battery, but with the 94 amp-hour battery the range jumps to 114 miles. The plug-in gas-electric hybrid has a total range of 180 miles.

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