Most Fuel-Efficient Five-Year-Old Cars

Most Fuel Efficient
Fuel efficiency is one of the most important qualities car shoppers look for when researching new vehicles — almost as important as price. For an ideal mix of efficiency and affordability, we looked back five years to the most fuel-efficient cars of the time. Pure electrics had not yet reached the market, so this list is primarily hybrids and diesels. One caveat — fuel economy listed here is the combined rating as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency when the car was new, so your mileage may vary. All cars listed are 2010 models, and prices listed are “clean retail” values from NADA.

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7 thoughts on “Most Fuel-Efficient Five-Year-Old Cars

  1. My Dodge 2500 diesl pwered 2007 4X4 makes a combined mileage of 26mpg in going againt head winds. Also eats these clear weather pavement pups, match box sized models don’t work in the real.

  2. Hmmmmmm! My wife and I own two 2012 Chevy Cruzes each of which gets 38-40 MPG driven in city, suburban and urban.

  3. Would be better to consider older cars because I have a 1994 Civic VX that runs and looks like new and gets 50 mpg with a price around $2,000.

  4. It is sad that in the mid to late 80’s my plymouth standard got from 38 to 42 mpg and was not a hi-bread! People what is wrong that we settle!

    1. Every time they improve the fuel economy, they tack on a bunch of emissions requirements which bring it back down. If you could get rid of all the emission stuff now, I bet they could get 80-90mpg out of a average daily driver. If they’d have just emphasized that….do the math….3x the mileage = 1/3 the emissions! Way better than what all the thingymajigs on the exhaust do.

  5. I have a 2006 Kia SportageXL and it has 136,000 miles on it and NO problems.4WD and in excellent shape for the years. I bought it from a judge and he done regular maintance on it and I have too since I bought it and it had 125,000 miles on it. I THINK I would like to find a Honda Civic or Toyota Prius, or a Nisson Hybrid and do you have any idea where I go about looking for a decent one and trade my Kia in on one?? I may be asking the wrong person???? LOL!!

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