Most Fuel-Efficient Cars of the Past 30 Years

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2020-2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid
EPA Rating: 53 mpg city / 52 mpg highway / 52 mpg combined
The Toyota Corolla sedan is redesigned for 2020, and for the first time ever a Corolla Hybrid is available for the U.S. market. The Corolla Hybrid adopts the latest Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system from the new-generation Prius, combining a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine with two motor/generators and an electronically controlled planetary continuously variable transmission. The nickel-metal hydride battery is smaller and lighter because of new technology called hyper-prime nickel, which boosts battery performance in a smaller package, allowing the unit to be placed under the rear seat to avoid taking up trunk space. The Corolla Hybrid also has EV mode, which allows it to be operated on pure electric power for short distances.

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