Most Fuel-Efficient Cars in America

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Most Fuel-Efficient Cars in America
Electrified vehicles continue to be the most fuel efficient in America, and in 2020 there are more plug-in models to choose from than ever before. Considering the country’s relatively low gasoline prices, sales of pure electric cars remain a very small fraction of total vehicle sales, largely due to the primary drawbacks of electric cars — they can take a long time to charge and most have a limited driving range. All vehicles on this fuel-efficient list have some level of electrification, either as pure electric or a hybrid. What follows are the 27 most fuel-efficient cars in America according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ratings, sorted in ascending order by combined MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent, which measures the miles a vehicle can travel on the energy equivalent to a gallon of gasoline) or combined MPG.

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