Most Fuel-Efficient AWD Crossovers in America — No Plugs Required

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Most Fuel-Efficient AWD Crossovers
Crossovers have become go-to vehicles for American car shoppers, and as a result many varieties are available. These vehicles offer SUV traits including plenty of utility, interior comfort and AWD traction, although typical crossovers are not ready for climbing mountains. That said, crossovers are capable of handling inclement weather and bad road conditions, as well as the occasional trek down dirt roads. With fuel prices soaring in the U.S., efficiency is one of the primary selling points for these vehicles. Although many electric and plug-in hybrid crossovers are available, not all consumers have access to a receptacle for vehicle charging, so here are the 25 most fuel-efficient AWD crossovers in America that don’t require a plug. Vehicles are listed by EPA fuel-economy ratings for combined fuel economy, then city mpg.

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