More than $325 Million Sold at 2017 Monterey Car Auctions

© Rod Hatfield© Rod Hatfield
8. 1955 Ferrari 121 LM Spider
Sale Price: $5,720,000
Auction: RM Sotheby’s
One of only four 121 LM Spiders built by Ferrari, the 121 is powered by a 360-horsepower 4.4-liter inline 6-cylinder engine — part of a series of straight-six cars that evolved from Ferrari’s earlier 4-cylinder cars. Originally built as a 118 LM, chassis number 0546 LM first raced in the 1955 Mille Miglia, where it crashed when a tire blew at 174 mph. It returned to the factory for repairs and received upgrades to make it a 121 LM, then raced as one of three 121 LM entries at the 1955 24 Hours of Le Mans. In 1956 chassis 0546 crashed during the Del Monte Trophy race at Pebble Beach killing driver Ernie McAfee, resulting in a racing ban at Pebble Beach and the eventual creation of a nearby racetrack called Laguna Seca.

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