Minivans: Then and Now

© Toyota Motor Sales USA© Toyota Motor Sales USA
Now: 2016 Toyota Sienna
As one of the top-selling minivans on the U.S. market, Sienna comes well equipped with features such as 3-zone climate control and Toyota’s Entune audio system with applications including Yelp, iHeartRadio, OpenTable and Pandora. Although other minivans have offered all-wheel drive over the years, Sienna is currently the only AWD minivan on the market — perhaps making it even more appealing to those who desire a crossover. There are plenty of other reasons to get into a Sienna, including Driver Easy Speak, which uses the microphone from the voice-command multimedia system to broadcast to the audio system’s rear speakers. Presto, no more yelling at kids in the back seat — or when you do yell, it will be even louder. The conversation mirror in the overhead console lets drivers see all goings-on behind them, so they’ll know when they need to intervene. But chances are those backseat passengers won’t be causing trouble once they become captivated by the available Blu-ray entertainment system with its 16.4-inch display.

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