Million Dollar Motor Club: Most Expensive New Cars in America

© Automobili Lamborghini© Automobili Lamborghini
Lamborghini Sian Roadster
At the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, Lamborghini debuted the very sexy Sian limited-edition exotic sports car. Now a lucky few will have the opportunity to enjoy this extreme high-performance machine with the wind in their hair — as the Lamborghini Sian Roadster. The Sian coupe and roadster represent Lamborghini’s first foray into electrification, so the car is aptly named — Sian means flash or lightning in Bolognese dialect. The extreme styling of the new Sian Roadster complements its advanced powertrain. This open-top exotic sits low with an integrated carbon fiber splitter as well as familiar Y-shaped headlights. While it matches the futuristic look of the coupe, the Sian roadster’s roofless design provides those lucky enough to drive it with an unfettered connection to the roar of its powerful V12 engine.

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