Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept Delivers Premium Style

© FCA USFuture Built on Past
As Jeep begins looking to the future with its first plug-in hybrid Wrangler 4xe, the brand is also reaching back to glory days when the modern SUV began to take shape in America. In 1962 Jeep introduced the Wagoneer — the first 4-wheel-drive vehicle to employ an automatic transmission — and 20 years later in the 1980s the premium Grand Wagoneer came along. Today Jeep debuts a Grand Wagoneer Concept that builds on those seminal vehicles, with plans to take the big Jeep into production next year.

© FCA USFirst Premium SUV
“The original Grand Wagoneer was the first premium SUV, and its timeless design combined with the soul of Americana helped it achieve an iconic place in many hearts,” said Ralph Gilles, head of design at FCA. “The Grand Wagoneer Concept is inspired by the original, but with a modern interpretation of luxury and freedom. We strived to create an elegant design with a timeless silhouette, featuring countless beautifully crafted details that come together to give it an undeniable presence,” mused Gilles.

© FCA USInnovative Grille
The grille of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept features the brand’s signature seven slots, but this grille is something special. Each slot has an intricate latticework with a line of LEDs separating each slot; a continuous LED light bar above the grille completes the commanding look. Twin bi-functional LED projector headlights flank the grille, emphasizing the width of this formidable SUV. And WAGONEER gets spelled out immediately below the hoodline in raised, lit letters.

© FCA USFamiliar Profile
The original Jeep Wagoneer has traditionally boxy SUV styling; although this Grand Wagoneer Concept is thoroughly modern, it possesses a profile similar to the original model, further emphasized by its Arctic Ice paint and contrasting Diamond Black roof.

© FCA USBig Wheels
The bold trapezoidal wheel arches of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept are also a nod to the original namesake vehicle. However, the concept’s wheels are a far cry from those of the first Grand Wagoneer; the concept has 24-inch multi-spoke Obsidian-finish aluminum wheels with a center cap featuring a Wagoneer logo suspended in acrylic. Both front doors are adorned with the name Grand Wagoneer spelled out in raised aluminum letters that have copper accents, as well as an American flag.

© FCA USRear View
A large rear window provides excellent visibility behind the Grand Wagoneer Concept, and again Grand Wagoneer gets spelled out in a large font below the windows. LED taillights span the rear hatch, again emphasizing the width of this full-size concept.

© FCA USSustainable Materials
When creating the beautiful interior of the Grand Wagoneer Concept, Jeep designers endeavored to use sustainable materials. The seats, doors, center console and instrument panel are all trimmed in PUR, a sustainable synthetic material that simulates leather. The suede headliner is made from Dinamica, a recyclable microfiber.

© FCA USElegant Interior
One look inside the Grand Wagoneer Concept confirms this vehicle aims for a higher level than anything in the current Jeep lineup. Surfaces are covered with PUR, onyx glass, raw aluminum and heat-treated lacewood.

© FCA USBeautiful Details
One of our favorite elements of this concept adorns the right side of the dashboard just below the passenger-side display screen — the name Grand Wagoneer is cut from raw aluminum and mounted directly into the heat-treated lacewood. Jeep purists note this is a modern take on the original Grand Wagoneer, which features the name emblazoned in script in the same location.

© FCA USMcIntosh Audio
The Grand Wagoneer Concept features the brand’s first use of a McIntosh-powered audio system in a vehicle. Well known for creating in-home audio systems for the ultimate musical experience, McIntosh features an immersive audio system with 23 custom-designed speakers with a 24-channel amplifier.

© FCA USDisplay Screens All Around
In a curious nod to our screen-dominant culture, Jeep claims the Grand Wagoneer Concept has almost 45 inches of display screens throughout the cabin. This includes a 12.3-inch driver display, a 12.1-inch horizontal main display, a 10.25-inch comfort display below the main screen, and a rather unusual addition of the 10.25 inch screen for the front passenger. Two additional 10.1-inch entertainment touchscreens are located in the second row, as well as a 10.25-inch climate -control display for rear-seat occupants.

© FCA USPlenty of Space
The Grand Wagoneer Concept features seating for up to seven with second-row captain’s chairs and a third row that seats three. A full-panel glass roof admits plenty of light for all seating positions.

© FCA USPowertrain
Since Jeep is premiering this vehicle as a concept, details about the powertrain are scarce. However, Jeep reps did say the Grand Wagoneer Concept is powered by a plug-in hybrid system. A charging port ahead of the driver door lights up with an image of the Wagoneer when the port is in use.

© FCA USAmerican Premium
“Wagoneer is unquestionably rooted in the legendary Jeep brand and its unmatched heritage of leading capability, authenticity and freedom, and its return allows us to expand to a much more premium arenas,” said Christian Meunier, global president of the Jeep brand for FCA. “While Jeep vehicles bring leading capability, efficiency and performance across the mainstream SUV market, Wagoneer will ultimately become a portfolio of vehicles that will once again define ‘American Premium,’ making it the standard of sophistication, authenticity and modern mobility,” Meunier enthused.

© FCA USProduction Model Coming Next Year
Although this model is a concept vehicle, Jeep has confirmed that the new Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will come to market next year, with three available 4WD systems, Quadra-Lift air suspension, independent front and rear suspension, advanced technology and a new level of passenger comfort and space.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
A modern interpretation of the classic Jeep grille.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
Both front doors are adorned with the name Grand Wagoneer spelled out in raised aluminum letters that have copper accents, as well as an American flag.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
The 24-inch multi-spoke Obsidian-finish aluminum wheels feature a center cap with the Wagoneer name suspended in acrylic.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
The classic 7-slot grille is re-imagined with Obsidian Black accents and a unique LED design.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
LED projector headlights are cradled in genuine teak wood.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
The tie-down loops in the roof rails feature teak wood supported by a bronze latticework.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
The full-pane glass roof brings in plenty of light.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
LED lights at the rear.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
Opening the front door reveals another Easter egg on the side of the instrument panel.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
The center console houses this stylish gear selector.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
The start button is sculpted from wood, placed in a shell of onyx glass with an aluminum surround, finished with an accent stitch.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
Multiple screens including the main display running Jeep’s latest infotainment system, Uconnect 5.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
No question regarding the name of this vehicle.

© FCA USJeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
Jeep designers paid close attention to every detail, including the precise contrasting stitching throughout the concept.

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