Hottest Concepts and Customs in Frankfurt

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Concepts & Customs
We attend multiple major auto shows every year, and it’s the cars that we’ll probably never get to drive that excite us most. These vehicles can be concept cars with futuristic designs and unbelievable drivetrains, or special one-off custom versions of cars that are already extreme exotics. Either way, these rare specimens are almost never seen outside the hallowed halls of an auto show, so enjoy these special highlights from the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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2 thoughts on “Hottest Concepts and Customs in Frankfurt

  1. Traffic density is worse and worse. There is little space for vehicles in urban situations. And we get concept cars with tiny windows and swooping hoods and tailgates? Do these designers EVER drive in busy, dense traffic??

    Clearly, the SMART car is way ahead of all of these. It is the pod that all will drive for 80% of our daily mileage.

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