Year in Review: Hottest Concept Cars of 2019

© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience
Lexus LF-30 Concept — Tokyo
Following a theme of electrification that seems to be prevalent at every auto show, Lexus introduced its vision for the future — 2030 to be more precise — in the shape of this bold concept vehicle. The LF-30 advances the iconic spindle grille, and takes as modern a form as possible with this concept’s electric powertrain. Lines seem to flow smoothly from the illuminated Lexus logo all the way to the rear of the car. Large wheels and short overhangs emphasize the performance orientation of the LF-30. The futuristic styling is accompanied by an advanced powertrain that features four in-wheel motors and steering-by-wire, which would provide not only outstanding handling and performance, but allow a more spacious interior design.

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