Year in Review: Hottest Concept Cars of 2019

© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience
BMW Concept 4 — Frankfurt
BMW debuted the Concept 4 in Frankfurt — a look at the future of the 4 Series Coupe, with styling that draws from historical elements and aims to distinguish the coupe further from the 3 Series Sedan. The classic coupe silhouette and proportions yield a long hood, sweeping roofline and short overhangs, but the most striking element of the design is the bold vertical kidney grille. The grille is a reference to classics such as the BMW 328 and the BMW 3.0 CSi but, unlike those revered designs, the grille of the Concept 4 dominates the front view of the car. The kidney grille integrates horizontal trim with a faceted cut, and the grating within the kidneys, as well as the air intakes, is formed of small number 4s.

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