Homegrown Car Shows: Exotics at Redmond Town Center

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Local Show & Shine
Most weekends somewhere in the U.S. — weather permitting — parking lots get transformed into amazing car shows. These informal gatherings bring together local car enthusiasts to show off their incredible rides, and for car nuts to see firsthand what they usually only get to experience via car magazines. Many of these local happenings have turned into proper events, with volunteers helping position cars and vendors serving up coffee and carbs. We stopped by Exotics at Redmond Town Center, which takes place in a shopping mall parking lot east of Seattle and close to Microsoft Corporation’s main campus. (The proximity to Microsoft may explain the preponderance of high-end cars on display.) On sunny Saturdays during late spring and summer months, hundreds of cars roll up to RTC for the 9:00 AM start time — ranging from classic American muscle cars to the latest exotic Ferraris. Check it out — and then get inspired to find car gatherings in your community.

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