High Horses: Cars With Most Power

© Ferrari North America© Ferrari North America
Ferrari 488 GTB
MSRP: $245,400
Horsepower: 660
For the last 40 years, Ferrari has been providing purists with a V8-powered sports car. The 488 GTB is the latest V8 Ferrari, and for the first time ever the Italian automaker has added a turbocharger. The 488 GTB’s engine displacement is small at 3.9 liters, but it manages to put out an amazing 660 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque at 3000 rpm. Speed is impressive; 60 mph comes up in less than 3 seconds and in just over 8 seconds you’ll be passing 125 mph on the way to a top speed around 205 mph. The new 488 GTB can lap Ferrari’s Fiorano test track in just 1:23 — almost two seconds faster than the legendary Enzo, and just as fast as the F12 Berlinetta. It also beats its predecessor — the Ferrari 458 Italia — by about 2 seconds. Aerodynamics also play a big part in performance figures. The GTB has 50 percent more downforce than the 458 as well as reduced drag — achieved via a double front spoiler, side intakes and active aerodynamics at the rear.

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