Great American Cars of 2015 — Under $25,000

© Perry Stern, ACE;© Ford Motor Company; ©FCA; © General Motors© Perry Stern, ACE;© Ford Motor Company; ©FCA; © General Motors
Great Time to Buy American
Depending on your age and perspective, you might remember a time in U.S. automotive history when buying an American-made vehicle was an exercise in extreme patriotism — unless your vehicle of choice happened to be a pickup truck. Not long ago, the U.S. “Big 3” offerings for cars and SUVs had difficulty competing against import brands in everything from reliability, to fuel economy, to looks and price. But in the last few years we’ve witnessed a turnaround from U.S. automakers — there are now some great choices in just about every vehicle segment from General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. The following cars are some of the best options on the market — and with prices starting below $25,000, it’s never been easier to Buy American.

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