Geneva Motor Show: Past Highlights

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Hispano Suiza Carmen — Geneva 2019
One hundred and fifteen years ago, Damian Mateu and Marc Birkigt founded a car company in Barcelona called Hispano-Suiza. Until the mid-1940s the company turned out more than 12,000 luxury automobiles. After what would be considered a lengthy hiatus, the company returned with an all-new model on display at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Named for Carmen Mateu — the granddaughter of the company’s founder and mother of the current president — the Carmen is a fully electric luxury hypercar. Working with QEV Technologies, Hispano Suiza outfitted the Carmen with two electric motors — one on each rear wheel — that combine to generate just over 1000 horsepower. Only 19 Carmens were projected to be built — at a price set at €1.5 million.

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