Genesis G70 Wins 2019 North American Car of the Year

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2017: Chevrolet Bolt EV
Chevrolet’s Bolt EV was introduced in 2016 ago, boasting a 238-mile range, which exceeded almost every other electric vehicle on the market — the one exception being Tesla. However, the Bolt was less than half the price of the Model S. In addition to its impressive electric range, the Bolt EV served up good performance with 200 horsepower on tap. The Bolt EV was loaded with innovations. A Bluetooth low-energy system — designed specifically for the Bolt EV — connects to a smartphone as the driver approaches the car. A large 10.2-inch touchscreen display and rear camera mirror are also available, and a dedicated EV nav system plans a route while taking into account terrain that will affect the battery’s depletion rate.

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