Fuel-Efficient Exotics

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High-Performance Efficiency
As any auto aficionado knows, exotic sports-car adulation usually focuses on power, performance and prestige — not fuel economy, which falls short of zero-to-60-mph times and pure driving pleasure. But high performance results in a heavy thirst at the pump, and exotics from Ferrari, Bugatti and Lamborghini post some of the lowest EPA fuel-economy ratings. However, some exotics and ultra-luxury cars achieve respectable fuel economy when cruising at highway speeds — not the same level as a compact hybrid, but good enough to put a few extra miles between fuel stops during a road trip. The following exotic sports cars and ultra-luxury models are EPA rated at or above 20 mpg on the highway, but keep in mind that actual results may vary — usually depending on the amount of lead in a driver’s right foot. Vehicles are listed by EPA highway fuel-economy ratings.

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