Fuel Efficiency, American Style

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2015 Ford C-MAX Hybrid
40 mpg
Price: Starting at $24,170
Unlike the Fusion, Ford’s C-MAX is only available with hybrid powertrains. While it carries the same 188-horsepower gas-electric hybrid system, fuel economy is slightly lower due to being a bit heavier and taller. Often the driver affects fuel economy more than any other variable, so Ford has added technology to help drivers be more efficient. A SmartGauge with EcoGuide shows drivers how their actions affect fuel efficiency. Additionally, the Brake Coach feature helps drivers brake properly to fully optimize the regenerative braking system. Efficient braking is rewarded with green leaves accumulating in the driver’s display.

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One thought on “Fuel Efficiency, American Style

  1. You think 550-mile range would be bladder-busting? How about 60 miles for this old lady?
    Those were a nice range of vehicles, price-wise and size-wise. The smallest were the neatest looking.

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