Ford Mustang Dark Horse Stampedes Into Detroit

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For the Track: Dark Horse S, Dark Horse R
Ford will offer two motorsport versions of Dark Horse for track-only, non-street use: a Dark Horse S for the track enthusiast, and a Dark Horse R further developed for racing. Ford will build the Dark Horse S without non-essential parts and trim pieces but adds an FIA-certified safety cage, safety nets, race seat, safety belts, quick-disconnect steering wheel, electrical disconnects, a fire-suppression system and central control panel for the driver. Dark Horse S also includes upgraded brakes, Multimatic DSSV dampers, adjustable ride height, a pit speed limiter, a data acquisition system, hood pins, tow hooks, an adjustable rear wing and a full exhaust system. A passenger seat is optional. The Mustang Dark Horse R includes all the upgrades and features of Dark Horse S, and also adds seam welding, a fuel cell and Ford Performance Parts wheels. According to Ford, Mustang Dark Horse R features special serialization for racing approval.

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