Ford Bronco: Then and Now

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Ford Bronco First Generation: 1966–77
On August 11, 1965, Ford introduced an all-new rugged off-road vehicle called the Bronco. With a body-on-frame design, short overhangs, a short wheelbase and high ground clearance, the new model was designed to be fun and agile off-road while delivering a more civilized alternative to the Jeep CJ5, Toyota FJ40 and International Harvester Scout. At launch Ford referred to the Bronco as “a completely new line of sports-utility vehicles” — the first use of the term SUV by an American auto manufacturer. Back then Ford introduced the Bronco as a family of vehicles that included a roadster, a half cab and a station wagon. An interesting bit of history repeating itself: The all-new Bronco arriving later this year will also be introduced as a family of vehicles.

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