2018 Geneva Motor Show: Plug-Ins, Hybrids, EVs

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Lagonda Vision Concept
The Lagonda marque has been part of Aston Martin for more than 70 years. There have not always been Lagonda automobiles in production during that time, but they have always been associated with the utmost in luxury. At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Aston Martin announced that Lagonda will become a new luxury brand exclusively dedicated to zero-emission powertrains. As part of the announcement, the first look at what that could mean was showcased as the Lagonda Vision Concept. “We believe people associate luxury in their cars with a certain traditional and even old-fashioned approach because, to date, that is all that’s been available to them,” commented Aston Martin President and Chief Executive Officer Dr Andy Palmer. “Lagonda exists to challenge that thinking and prove that being modern and luxurious are not mutually exclusive concepts,” Palmer noted.

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