2018 Geneva Motor Show: Plug-Ins, Hybrids, EVs

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Rimac C2
Full power is a lot in the C2 — the four motors combine to produce a mind-boggling 1914 horsepower and almost 1,700 lb-ft of torque. With power at all four wheels, acceleration to 60 mph is accomplished in a mind-blowing 1.85 seconds, reaching 100 mph in only 4.3 seconds. Even more impressive: in a bit under 12 seconds the C2 will be at 186 mph, having passed the quarter-mile in a mere 9.1 seconds. While the stats are beyond exotic, the C2 carries its passenger like a true GT car, employing high-quality materials in the spacious cabin as well as a usable trunk. Rimac expects to build 150 of these EV rockets.

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