Electric Vehicles in America Today — And Tomorrow

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2023 Fisker Ocean
Base MSRP: $37,499
Range: 350 miles
MPGe (city / hwy / combined): Not yet rated
The Fisker Ocean is the first model from new electric vehicle company Fisker, Inc., headed by automotive designer Henrik Fisker. An all-new full-electric crossover, the Fisker Ocean will offer single- and dual-motor options. The single motor front-wheel-drive Ocean Sport offers 275 horsepower with an estimated range of 250 miles. The dual motor all-wheel-drive Ocean Ultra and Ocean Extreme generate 540 horsepower and 550 horsepower, respectively, with an estimated range of 350 miles. The Ocean Sport uses a lithium-ion phosphate battery while the dual-motor versions get a more powerful Hyper Range pack that employs a lithium nickel manganese cobalt chemistry. With integrated solar panels, the SolarSky roof can produce enough supplemental power for up to 1,500 miles per year under ideal conditions. Production of the Fisker Ocean is scheduled to begin in November 2022, with first deliveries expected before the end of the year.

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