Electric Vehicles in America Today — And Tomorrow

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2022 Audi e-tron
Base MSRP: $65,900
Range: 204 miles
MPGe (city / hwy / combined): 78 / 77 / 78
After showing electric concept vehicles for years, Audi’s first all-electric production e-tron went on sale as a 2019 model. A premium 5-seat midsize SUV, e-tron has a stylish, aerodynamic design with a familiar but uniquely enclosed grille. The e-tron Sportback is also offered with a faster roofline, starting at $69,100. Audi e-tron is propelled by two powerful electric motors — one at each axle — creating a new generation of quattro electric all-wheel drive that can adjust the amount of torque delivered to each axle for ideal balance according to driving conditions. The new e-tron is quick — with up to 402 horsepower available, it will sprint to 60 mph in about 5.5 seconds.

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