Editors’ Picks: Top Cars We Drove in 2021

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2021 Ford Bronco
As one of the most highly anticipated returns of a classic model in many years, the 2021 Ford Bronco is an all-new off-road-oriented vehicle that pays tribute in both design and capability to the original Ford Bronco of the 1960s. Even though the new vehicle is larger, modern and more capable, the proportions and design of the original 1966 Bronco influence the styling of the new Bronco — it retains the boxy shape and classic short-wheelbase of the 2-door variant, although a 4-door version is now offered as well. The Bronco 2-Door has a 100.4-inch wheelbase — more than 15 inches shorter than the 4-door version for better off-road maneuverability and an increased breakover angle.

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