Coupe Dreams, Sedan Realities: High-Performance 4-Doors

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4-Door Fun
There’s a certain sector of the car-buying public — real-estate agents shuttling clients, parents carting kids to myriad activities, dog owners requiring paw space – who might be dreaming of zipping around town in a fun sports coupe, but current life conditions don’t allow for the sporty experience of a 2-seater. If reality forces you to choose a car that will actually carry four bodies (or paws) at a time, the need for a sedan doesn’t mean you have to leave all hope of performance behind. Today many 4-door sedans compete head-to-head with sports cars in terms of performance while providing the room you need. They may not look the same, but from the driver’s seat you might think you’re in the 2-seater of your dreams.

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