Comeback Cars: Deceased Vehicles That Made Miraculous Recoveries

© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience
Chrysler 300 | 1955–1965
Original Base Price: $4,100
The first Chrysler 300 got its name from the 331-cubic-inch 5.4-liter HEMI “Firepower” V8 that produced 300 horsepower. The HEMI engine — so-called because of its hemispherical combustion chambers that deliver better efficiency and power for their size — was teamed with Chrysler’s relatively new “Powerflite” fully automatic transmission. This much oomph was a big deal in 1955 — the 300 was the most powerful American production car on the road (the Corvette had 195 horsepower that year). Over the next 10 years, Chrysler would bring to market a range of 300s now referred to as the “letter series,” starting with that first 300 and continuing with the 300B, 300C, 300D — a new letter every year with the final 300L in 1965. These special Chryslers were among the fastest production cars on the road, equipped with the latest in luxury features. Other 300 models followed the letter series, but none would ever be as special as those first versions.

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