Comeback Cars: Deceased Vehicles That Made Miraculous Recoveries

© Toyota Motor Sales, USA© Toyota Motor Sales, USA
Toyota Supra | 1979–1999
Original Base Price: $9,578
The Toyota Supra had its start as a higher-performance version the popular Celica. Longer and wider than the standard Celica, the Supra ran a 2.6-liter inline 6-cylinder engine that represented Toyota’s first use of electronic fuel injection. Available with a manual or automatic transmission, the Celica Supra was equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes and 4-wheel independent suspension. In 1986 Supra was separated from the Celica as an individual model, retaining its rear-wheel-drive platform now powered by a 200-horse engine. In 1993 the Supra received a redesign that transformed it into a true supercar. Built for performance, this new Supra was available with a turbocharged engine putting out 320 horsepower. By the late 1990s the American appetite for high-performance cars had dwindled, and production of a Supra for the U.S. ended.

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