Comeback Cars: Deceased Vehicles That Made Miraculous Recoveries

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Nissan Z | 1970–1996
Original Base Price: $3,526
In the fall of 1969 the first Z car was introduced to the American market. The Datsun 240Z (the Nissan name wouldn’t be used in the U.S. until 1981) featured a 2.4-liter engine producing 150 horsepower teamed with a 5-speed manual transmission. Considered advanced for its time, the stylish sports car had 4-wheel independent suspension, magnesium wheels and front disc brakes. Over the years, the Z gained more power from larger engines which resulted in name changes to 260Z, 280ZX and eventually in 1990 Nissan introduced the 300ZX which boasted a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 that put out 300 horsepower. This was also the first generation of Z car to be available as a convertible. But as prices went up, sales began to decline, and a final Commemorative Edition closed out the Z car in America in 1996.

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