Car Names That Return to Live Again

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Ford Maverick | 2022–present
Current Base Price: $22,195
Although it couldn’t be more different than the first Maverick passenger car of the 1970s, the new Ford Maverick pickup truck does have a couple things in common with the original version — it’s a compact model that came to market at the right time. Designed for both versatility and efficiency, the Maverick is available with a hybrid drivetrain that achieves an EPA rating of 42 mpg city and has a range of 511 miles on a full tank of fuel. Featuring an upright, squared-off exterior design, this Ford Maverick is the company’s first unibody pickup; it maximizes interior space while paying homage to early Ford trucks. The Maverick can haul 1,500 pounds or tow up to 4,000 pounds when equipped with an optional EcoBoost engine.

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