Classic Car Sales Top $300 Million

© Brian Traylor, Automotive Content Experience© Brian Traylor, Automotive Content Experience
3. 1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider Competizione
Sale Price: $18,150,000
Auction: Gooding & Co.
The Ferrari 250 California Spider is easily one of the most recognizable and beloved sports cars of all time. Typically built as a sports car, a small number were built in race-ready trim. Only nine LWB California Spiders were originally constructed with alloy coachwork, and of those an even smaller number left the factory with competition features — this was one of those models. Completed on November 23, 1959, the car shown here was one of the last LWB (long wheelbase) California Spiders every produced. According to Gooding, “Considering its incredible rarity, superb racing record, and faultless presentation, this alloy-bodied California Spider is surely among the greatest Ferrari competition cars and, quite possibly, the ultimate open 250 GT.”

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