Chrysler 300: A Brief History

Chrysler 300 SRT8
Like the original 300 letter-series cars, the new 300 was available with some big HEMI power. From 2005–2010 Chrysler offered the 300 SRT8 with a 6.1-liter V8 engine producing 425 horsepower. After skipping 2011, Chrysler once again offered the 300 SRT8 from 2012–14 with power bumped up to 470 horses. When the 300 received its last refresh in 2015 the SRT8 was no longer offered.

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3 thoughts on “Chrysler 300: A Brief History

  1. My Dad bought one of the first 300’s in 1955, only about 1,700 made. It roared like a lion when you stepped down on the throttle and took off like a rocket.You could almost see the gas guage dropping at 100mph +/ I ran it once (based on the speedometer) at 130mph in North Dakota where we lived.. Went from Minot to Bismarck in 1hr 10 min. 120 miles. That was quite a car for the times, broke the Daytona record flying mile for stock production cars…

  2. I bought a brand new 300C convert. at Ennis Motors in Mil. WI. in 1957. In the 70’s bought a 57 C HT for $750 and restored it. Drove it to the Nationals in Reno in 77, got a trophy for driven daily. Started the “Lower Puget Sound 300 Club” along with others. Bought 2 300 E’s, and a 300L, never restored them. In 1979 bought a brand new 1979 300. Sold them all, and today have a 300 M and a Dodge Magnum and belong to Mopars Unlimited, and Modern Mopars of Snohomish County. Also belonged to WPC club at one time.

  3. I especially liked the old vs. new picture with the similarities and differences. Both the old and the new are beautiful cars. M

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