Chrysler 300: A Look Back

1962 Chrysler 300H
Original Price: $5,090 (hardtop), $5,461 (convertible)
Current Value: $28,100 (hardtop), $48,500 (convertible)
The exclusivity of the letter-series cars came down a notch in 1962 when Chrysler introduced the 300 Sport series. These cars looked basically the same — with the addition of a 4-door version — but did not carry the performance of the earlier letter-series models. Front styling remained the same as the previous year, but the fins were gone forever. The 1962 300 was also about 4 inches shorter and weighed about 200 pounds less than the previous version.

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3 thoughts on “Chrysler 300: A Look Back

  1. My Dad bought one of the first 300’s in 1955, only about 1,700 made. It roared like a lion when you stepped down on the throttle and took off like a rocket.You could almost see the gas guage dropping at 100mph +/ I ran it once (based on the speedometer) at 130mph in North Dakota where we lived.. Went from Minot to Bismarck in 1hr 10 min. 120 miles. That was quite a car for the times, broke the Daytona record flying mile for stock production cars…

  2. I bought a brand new 300C convert. at Ennis Motors in Mil. WI. in 1957. In the 70’s bought a 57 C HT for $750 and restored it. Drove it to the Nationals in Reno in 77, got a trophy for driven daily. Started the “Lower Puget Sound 300 Club” along with others. Bought 2 300 E’s, and a 300L, never restored them. In 1979 bought a brand new 1979 300. Sold them all, and today have a 300 M and a Dodge Magnum and belong to Mopars Unlimited, and Modern Mopars of Snohomish County. Also belonged to WPC club at one time.

  3. I especially liked the old vs. new picture with the similarities and differences. Both the old and the new are beautiful cars. M

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