Cars That Stand the Test of Time

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Chevrolet Suburban
Introduced: 1935
Surprisingly, the Chevrolet Suburban has been sold longer than any other American-branded vehicle. After experimenting with affixing a wagon body to a commercial chassis, Chevrolet launched the Suburban Carryall in 1935 as a heavy-duty truck-based wagon. With seating for up to eight occupants, the 2-door Suburban could be equipped with side-hinged rear panel doors or a tailgate. Power came from Chevrolet’s “Stovebolt” 6-cylinder engine producing 60 horsepower. After a major overhaul in 1955 with revolutionary new styling, Suburban was equipped with its first V8 engine; two years later came the first factory-installed 4-wheel-drive system. Suburban continued to evolve through multiple generations, and in 2010 a special edition celebrated the big SUV’s 75th anniversary.

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