Cars That Stand the Test of Time

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Bentley Continental
Introduced: 1952
Bentley built its first grand tourer shortly after the company was founded in 1921. Over the next 30 years the grand tourer evolved into luxurious, stately automobiles. After WWII, Bentley began experimenting with more streamlined designs, and in 1952 the company introduced the R-Type Continental. Designed with a long, low body, fastback roofline and fins on the rear wings to aid stability, it was able to easily cruise at 100 mph with four occupants — a stunning feat in 1952. Forty years later Bentley introduced the all-new Continental R at the Geneva Motor Show. At that time Rolls-Royce and Bentley were combined companies; however, the Continental R was the first model of the era that didn’t share a body with a Rolls-Royce. Following the same idea behind those first Continentals, Bentley introduced a modern high-performance Continental GT in 2003 that would change the face of the company for years to come.

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