Cars That Stand the Test of Time

Chrysler 300
Introduced: 1955
Chrysler first introduced the 300 in 1955, and with the debut of that high-performance 4-seater some would say the idea of the muscle car was born. Over the next 10 years, Chrysler would bring to market a range of 300s now referred to as the “letter series,” starting with that first 300 and continuing on with the 300B, 300C, 300D — a new letter every year with the final 300L in 1965. These special Chryslers were among the fastest production cars on the road, equipped with the latest in luxury features. A 300M followed the 300L, but it was 34 years later and the front-wheel-drive sedan had little in common with those original 300s. In 2005 Chrysler introduced a new 300 (no letter) that returned to its roots of a large, luxurious and powerful sedan with rear-wheel drive, available with a 345-horsepower HEMI V8.

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