Cars That Stand the Test of Time

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Ford Mustang Today
The latest-generation Mustang debuted in 2015 and received several updates in the last few years. Styling still follows closely to the original model with a long hood and short rear overhang, but there’s no question this is a thoroughly modern machine. Ford now offers the Mustang with a range of powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder engines, but of course the Mustang GT still gets a proper V8 engine now producing 460 horsepower. For those seeking ultimate performance, Ford offers the stylish Mach 1 and GT500 — the latter boasting a supercharged V8 grinding out a prodigious 760 horsepower. It may be considered a stretch for the true Mustang fan, but the Blue Oval also builds a Mustang Mach-E — the first electric mainstream vehicle from Ford, and the first time the Mustang name has been used for anything other than a coupe or convertible.

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