Cars That Stand the Test of Time

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Ford Bronco
Introduced: 1966
On August 11, 1965, Ford introduced an all-new rugged off-road vehicle called the Bronco. With a body-on-frame design, short overhangs, a short wheelbase and high ground clearance, the new model was designed to be fun and agile off-road while delivering a more civilized alternative to the Jeep CJ5, Toyota FJ40 and International Harvester Scout. Bronco grew in size and capability as it went through several generations in the 1970s and 1980s. By the third generation Bronco shared a platform with the full-size F-150 pickup, adopting the big truck’s styling and performance. By the mid-1990s demand for 2-door SUVs began to wane, with the final Bronco coming off the line in 1996 at the Wayne Assembly Plant in Detroit. Bronco’s replacement arrived the next year: the brand-new 4-door Expedition.

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