Bosozoku: Japan’s Car-Tuning Subculture

© Speedhunters Dino Dalle Carbonare© Speedhunters Dino Dalle Carbonare
From their 1950s greaser “Rebel Without A Cause” vibe of the early days, the Bosozoku, or “violent speed tribes,” developed a violent streak, going from aggressive riding, the menacing of bystanders, and a little property damage to a proper gang that served as a gateway to the Yakuza and more serious crimes. According to Japan’s National Police Agency statistics, Bosozoku membership peaked at 42,510 in 1982. By this time the scene had expanded to cars, and its level of delinquency had begun to recoil . . . trending to more of an antisocial attitude with fits of reckless driving, wild partying, and general anarchy mixed in.

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