Bosozoku: Japan’s Car-Tuning Subculture

© Speedhunters Ron Celestine© Speedhunters Ron Celestine
Car-Tuning Subculture
Bosozoku represents a far-off bastion of Japanese car-tuning culture that borders on theater of the absurd . . . in the best way possible. How can Boso be explained to the casual observer? Perhaps this: The cars resemble real-life creations dreamed up by wacky cartoonists experiencing bad acid trips. The scene’s roots stretch back to motorcycle gangs of the 1950s, a more sinister criminal gang era in the ‘70s, and then transformed into more of a rowdy car club vibe in the 1980s. Today the outlaw edginess of Bosozoku is gone, and the scene has more of a gritty, grunting Rambo-esque facade with a geeky, goofy Ken Jeong aura beneath the surface.

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