Best-Selling Vehicles in America — First Three Quarters

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5. Nissan Rogue
YTD Sales: 296,927
Vs. 2016: 22.9%
Small crossovers are clearly among the most popular vehicles with American shoppers, and Nissan has capitalized on this with the versatile Rogue. A strong showing over the last several months has helped Rogue become Nissan’s best-selling model for the first time, and while sales were up an impressive 47 percent in September versus 2016, it wasn’t quite enough to unseat the equally-popular Toyota RAV4. In the latter part of 2016, Nissan introduced an updated 2017 Rogue with fresh styling and new features. The new Rogue has a 170-horsepower 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with an advanced Xtronic transmission with Eco mode, boasting an EPA fuel economy rating as high as 33 mpg. The 2017 Rogue is also available as a hybrid, and is now joined by a smaller model called Rogue Sport.

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