Best-Selling Vehicles in America — First Half 2019

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6. Toyota Camry
2019 Sales: 176,008
Vs. 2018: -1.6 %
Sales of the Camry were down last year, but the popular sedan continued its reign as best-selling passenger car in America, with 2018 marking the 16th year in this top position. Camry has experienced a slow start to 2019 but June sales are up slightly compared to 2018. The Camry was redesigned a few years ago with an updated grille, integrated headlights and sculpted lines that give the sedan a more engaging presence, as well as a completely new interior and choice of fuel-efficient, powerful engines. For those looking for even more performance, a Camry TRD with performance suspension and brakes as well as a cat-back exhaust will come to market later this year.

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