Best-Selling Vehicles in America — First Half 2019

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25. Hyundai Elantra
2019 Sales: 84,971
Vs. 2018: -14.8 %
Over the last few years, Elantra has gained enough momentum to become the best-selling model in the Hyundai lineup — surprising, given the general popularity of crossovers over passenger cars. Although sales are down compared to last year, Hyundai is hoping to turn this around as the updated 2019 Elantra begins arriving in showrooms. With a new hood, front fascia, grille and headlights, the Elantra has a more chiseled look than its predecessor. Three engine options are available, including a 201-horsepower unit for the Elantra Sport. Hyundai also offers Elantra with the latest high-tech safety features including automatic emergency braking.

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