Best-Selling Vehicles in America — December Edition

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9. Honda Accord
2018 Sales: 262,444
Vs. 2017: -12.7 %
Honda introduced an all-new Accord late last year, and it’s better than the previous generation in nearly every way. However, the new model doesn’t seem to be attracting as many new consumers as anticipated — Accord ended 2017 with sales in decline compared to a year earlier, and the family sedan is taking 2018 the same way. Sales were up slightly in November versus the same month in 2017; however, overall sales have not been able to match the figures of 2017. The new model features fresh styling, an updated interior, a suite of high-tech safety features as well as a lineup of new engines. Honda recently announced the new Accord 2.0T, which gives this popular four door a turbocharged 252-horsepower engine.

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