Best-Selling Vehicles in America – August Edition 2017

© Ford Motor Company© Ford Motor Company
1. Ford F-Series
YTD Sales: 499,327
Vs. 2016: 8.3%
The Ford F-Series pickup truck has been the best-selling vehicle in America for 35 years, and 2016 marked its 40th year as America’s best-selling pickup truck. The F-Series shows no signs of slowing, kicking off 2017 with its best sales start since 2004, emphasized by July sales that were almost 6 percent higher than July 2016. Another contributing factor to the F-Series sales juggernaut was the arrival of an all-new Super Duty, boasting plenty of innovative features and impressive capability. High-end Super Duty trucks accounted for 53 percent of retail sales in July, according to Ford.

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