Best-Selling Vehicles in America — 2019 Q1

2. Ram Truck
2019 Sales: 120,026
Vs. 2018: 15.4 %
Ram ended 2018 with a strong showing, posting record sales for the third year in a row, and it seems like the big truck is on its way to setting a new record in 2019. With a March sales increase of almost 10 percent versus a year earlier, the Ram has moved up as the second-most-popular truck in America. The new Ram features updated exterior styling and the interior is one of the nicest on the market. Six trim levels are available, as well as a new lineup of powertrains that will eventually include a hybrid system. Ram also announced that the previous-generation will continue to be sold as Ram 1500 Classic to fill demand as the company ramps up production of the new model. A new Ram Heavy Duty that boasts a new diesel with 1,000 lb-ft of torque is likely to help Ram hold onto this sales position.

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