Best-Selling SUVs in America — First Quarter 2018

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Best-Selling SUVS of 2018 . . . So Far
The popularity of SUVs and crossovers continues to grow, fueled by U.S. sales figures during the first quarter of 2018. Total SUV sales for the new year increased by more than 12 percent through March 30, while total vehicle sales were up slightly with a mere 2 percent increase over the same period for 2017. Both new models and updates of existing favorites are hitting the market, and March SUV sales were red hot with an increase of 20 percent compared to March 2017. The top 20 best-selling SUVs were up 23.8 percent for March and 15.7 percent for the first quarter of 2018. Here are the top-selling SUVs in America based on total sales through March 2018, according to numbers compiled from individual auto manufacturers’ sales reports and

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