Most Popular SUVs in America 2021

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Best-Selling SUVs in America
Total U.S. vehicle sales figures are in for 2021, and the numbers tell an interesting story. Despite an overall increase in total SUVs sales over 2020, the majority of that increase occurred in the first half of 2021, with sales slowing significantly in the fourth quarter to eke out a modest gain for the year. Sales of the top 25 SUVs were up 8.0 percent compared to 2020, with the top 10 best-selling models up only 2.2 percent. At the end of June, sales for the first half of the year were up 38.8 percent for the top 25 SUV models and 31.2 percent for the top 10 best-sellers and those numbers dropped by the end of the third quarter to 21.4 percent and 13.7 percent, respectively. Keep in mind that 19 of the top 25 SUVs showed sales increases for 2021. Here are the best-selling SUVs in America based on final sales figures for 2021, according to numbers compiled from automaker sales reports.

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